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Wedding Program Idea

Looking for a wedding program idea to use for your special day?

We have great ideas for you below.

Fill your guests in on the highlights of your relationship. Include such details as how you met, your first date, when you knew you were right for each other and the proposal. Also list the members of your bridal party and other wedding participants and their relationships to you. This will act as a preliminary introduction and make your guests feel instantly included in your day.

When all the elements of your wedding coordinate, your celebration will have a beautifully unified feel. So don't be afraid to use color on your programs. Select an ink color that matches or coordinates with the color of your flowers and bridesmaids' dresses. Add a lovely ribbon and guests will feel as if they have been introduced to romance.

Would you like to include a photo of yourselves on your wedding program, but have no idea where to start? Follow these guidelines for picture-perfect results. Photographs with good contrast and a plain dark or light background work best; it's difficult to duplicate detailed backgrounds. Select a shot where you are centrally posed without too much of a gap between the two of you, especially between your faces. Remember that professional photographers copyright their photos, so ask for permission to reproduce the image on your wedding programs.

If you are including special ceremonies, rituals or symbols within the wedding ceremony, consider your program to be a guide for your guests. Use it to explain the significance of the traditions incorporated, provide translations of prayers that may be spoken in foreign languages, tell guests that the bride is wearing her grandmother's wedding gown, or to announce that you will be processing to a song written by the best man.

Make honored wedding guests feel even more special when you print their names in your wedding program. Grandparents, godparents and friends who have traveled a great distance to attend your wedding will be touched by the recognition. Also make announcements that pay tribute to the memory of a deceased love one, mark a milestone anniversary of your parents or grandparents, or invite guests to the reception following the ceremony.

Everyone's lives are so busy and your wedding is so important. Make sure the people you want to celebrate with you have ample notice of your wedding by sending "Save the Date" cards as soon as possible after finalizing your date and location. Guests can mark the date on their calendars and won't be disappointed by having planned an activity that interferes with your wedding.

Is there more you would like to include in your programs than space allows? Choose a style which allows you to add as many insert pages as needed to accommodate all you would like to print. This is especially handy when you have a large wedding party and want to list their names, relationships to you and a note about their roles in your life. It's also nice when you need extra space for listing the words to hymns and prayers.

Wedding programs with a perforated response card let your guests in on the fun! Ask guests to write down a favorite memory of you, their favorite part of your wedding ceremony or some "marriage advice" (serious or humorous) on the cards. After the ceremony, they can hand the cards to the ushers or drop them in a pretty basket at the back of the church. Remember to provide pens for your guests to write with.

Guests at your holiday party will love receiving a program of the events you have planned for them. Including the names of the entertainers, caterers, sponsors and guests of honor will act as a way of letting guests know your personal recommendations for party vendors. It's also nice to list the items on the menu, especially if you are serving unique or exotic foods; the social hour and dinner times; and other information such as the words to the sing-along carols to help guests get involved in the festivities.

"A picture paints a thousand words..." - so choose a design to be printed on your programs to fit the theme of your event. Just the right design featured on your programs will help guests or attendees get into the spirit of the event and give them an idea of the overall feel of the event.

Include information on the programs to business events and social gatherings that will make attendees want to keep the programs for future reference. This, in turn, will help keep your name and service or cause visible when they refer to the program in the future. For instance, include a checklist or calendar; helpful tips related to your business, a list of phone numbers of important contact people, or other information that will make your programs not only guides to your events but valuable networking tools.

The information you print on a program gives a record of what the event entailed. Be thorough in the items you include in the program, and keep one with you at the event to make notes to remember for the next year's event. Also make sure to keep a copy of your program on file and use it as reference for planning future years' events. For instance, previous programs will help you recall who that fabulous musician was, who catered the delicious garlic scallops or when you last hired a good presenter.

Coordinate your program to match the tone of your wedding or just to add that extra special touch. Use our luxurious chiffon, satin and metallic ribbons, pre-tied cords or wraphia to add color and class to your programs, favors and more - your imagination is the limit! Our variety of styles and color options ensures that you will find just the right accent to perfectly coordinate the colors of your event. These optional embellishments come in a variety of styles and colors for you to choose from and are sold separately.

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