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Unique Baby Shower Gift

  Picking out just the right unique baby shower gift can be a chore but with this article we will show you how to do it the stress free way.


  Traditionally, baby shower gifts consisted of clothes; carriage, strollers; car seats; cribs; monitors; mobiles; and all of the accoutrements needed to welcome baby home. There are, however, unique baby shower gifts which have sentimental value; and for which you can purchase online (just in case you might run out of ideas) for your next baby shower.

The International Star Registry has been in existence since 1979, and is the place to go if you wish to have a star named for the baby-to-be. Of course, it would require knowing the baby’s name ahead of time. But instead, you can order their gift certificate so that the parents can have the pleasure of adding their baby’s name to the celestial heavens.


In lieu of the gift certificate, you can purchase their star bear, which comes in pink and blue, along with a beautiful 11" X 8" full color certificate for the parents to personalize with the star name and date, and an 11" X 8" sky chart containing the constellation and the location circled in red where the star is in the sky. This is one unique gift that will last a lifetime.

Another unique gift would be a large basket or Tupperware container in which all of the items a baby needs, but would not be given as a single gift, are included. Certainly, the basket or Tupperware could be used for holding stuffed animals or toys; but initially it could be filled with pampers; bottles; bibs; baby wipes; lotions; stuffed animals; diaper bag; pacifiers; books, and the like. With so many things a newborn needs, you can be assured you will fill up the basket or Tupperware without worry.

Whatever unique baby shower gifts you purchase, and with so many wonderful ideas available to help you decide, you are sure to come up with an idea that no one else has thought of, and for which the mom-to-be will be happy you took the time and care to find that one special gift.

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