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Superman Birthday Party

  If you are throwing a Superman Birthday party then you are in luck. Here is a great resource that will help you every step of the way.  


With the release of the new movie, the popularity of Superman is growing. I don't think he ever went away, but it's now becoming easier to find superman items in the store. This should make your job of finding birthday party supplies extremely easy.

As mentioned above, finding supplies featuring Superman shouldn't be difficult. Use the following mostly as a checklist for your little guy's next birthday party.

Most cake decorators will have several different Superman layouts. If you are making your own, you should be able to easily find a small toy to place on top.

 Ice Cream
A simple item which needs little additional information. Regular ice cream should work for a Superman party.

Plastic Forks and Spoons
Superman's colors are red and blue, so purchase these colors if possible. If you already have some left over from last year, this will work too. Keep in mind red is also the color of Spiderman!

Plates and Napkins
These should feature Superman if possible, but go with red and blue if you must.

Streamers and balloons should be in red and blue only, or Superman specific if possible.

These MUST feature Superman if you are planning a Superman theme. If you can't find any, let your son make his own. Save one invitation for your scrapbook to remember the special day!

Don't forget to get your little superhero involved in the party. After all, it's HIS special day!

Article by:  Kara Kelso is the mother of two, and owner of . For more birthday party theme ideas, visit:


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