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Princess Birthday Party

  Tips for an Affordable Princess Birthday Party!

  Like most loving parents, you are looking for easy, affordable and fun birthday parties for your daughters. Create the perfect Princess Birthday party for your little girl and her guests with the ideas below! Here are some ideas for your little Princess:

• Think through some of the logistics of your party and do some advance planning.

What day of the week will work so that a majority of your guests will be able to attend?

What time of the day works for your age group? Remember, little ones' nap times may still be an issue so it’s best to plan the party for a time when you know the kids won’t be overtired or cranky because they missed some sleep!

  • Send your invitations 2 weeks before your party date. Purchase some linen paper from the office supply store and use a fancy "royal" font on your computer for printing the invitations. For local guests, roll the invitation into a scroll and tie with organdy ribbon and hand deliver. When mailing invitations, use cute stickers or rubber stamps to decorate the envelope in royal fashion.

• Planning on having “outside entertainment”? Secure that early as well. Some great ideas for a princess party entertainer would be a balloon magician, balloon artist or a children's storyteller. Check your local yellow pages under "Party Entertainment" or search the web for ones near you.

• Begin making your party decorations early too. Make fabulous royal goblets with inexpensive jewel pieces hot glued to plastic champagne flutes or wine glasses. Do the same with clear plastic plates with the jewels along the outside ridge. Tie the napkins with purple ribbon and you’re set. Fun and inexpensive!

• Balloons are a must at any birthday. Tape colorful balloons around your entrance door for a royal archway. Tie a bunch of balloons to the mailbox to show your guest the way to the ball. Even colored balloons all over the “dance floor” creates a wonderful effect. If you have very young ones you want to be careful with balloons, but kids love them…so get lots! Most craft and party stores sell inexpensive helium tanks so filling the balloons is a snap!

• Plan the royal menu and keep it simple. Present it to your royal guests on glass serving plates with real or wax grapes as a side decoration. Serve typical "high tea" fare, finger sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries and bubbly punch in your plastic champagne flutes.

• The little princesses will be so adorable so be prepared with fresh batteries so you can take lots of pictures. A separate photo of each of the party guests with the princess of honor makes a great addition to the thank you note.

• Don’t overdo. Most kids just love to just play and have fun. Organized games are great but don’t make the party so structured that the kids don’t have time to spin around in their costumes or dance in the balloons...and just have fun together.

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