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Budget Party Planning


Budget Party Planning

  "Mom, what do you mean I can't have a birthday party this year?" "Well, we just don't have the money." "But mom! I have to have a party, please?" "Alright then, but we'll have to compromise." "Thanks mom! You're the best!"

Sometimes, we just don't have the money to throw together an elaborate or fancy celebration, do we? I know that there have been times that the lack of money has almost stopped me from throwing a birthday bash for my kids, but then the "Mommy" kicked in and we "made do" with what we had.

Here Are Some Great Low Cost Party Tips:

  • Have the kids make their own birthday invitations in the form of a flyer. Then take the original down to a copy center and make enough copies for those you plan to invite. (The usual cost here is five cents per copy and thirty four cents per postage stamp.) And, if you really want to save here, send an e-mail invite to everyone on your list who has internet service! 

  • Decide on a theme for the party, based on items you already have around the house! Party themes such as Beach Blast, Cook-out, Camp-out, Costume Party (take out last years costumes and get some use out of them), Wacky Dress up, and so on. 

  • Instead of purchasing a cake, make it at home. Let one of the kids make the cake for their sibling or parent, or find an alternative to the birthday cake, such as a birthday pie! 

  • Food need not be a problem, you went grocery shopping right? What do you have in your cupboard that can feed a hungry crew? Spaghetti? Homemade Soup? Barbeque hot dogs? Enchiladas? Snack Foods?

  • Drinks? Ask everyone to bring their own booze if they plan on drinking it. Otherwise, stick to punch. Purchase a powered drink, place it in a pitcher and add some water and ice. People don't need their own can of soda, so long as they have cups of something to quench their thirst. 

  • Entertainment can be as simple as letting the kids run wild while the adults talk, to planning some events with things you have around the home. What about a game of Charades? Or Pin the tail on a picture of Daddy? Or how about a last minute talent contest? Or Dancing? You can easily have a neighbor or friend be in charge of the music. 

The important thing to remember here is that you just want to make this a special and memorable time! 

About the Author

Alyice Edrich is a freelance writer, web designer and virtual assistant. She helps others save on long distance (as low as 2.9 cents a minute), internet
access ($12.45), and web hosting while managing The Dabbling - - An Online Magazine for BUSY Parents.



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