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      Cheap Wedding Favor Idea

      Your resource for cheap wedding favor ideas that you can use and your guests will love.

      Don’t let the idea of buying expensive wedding favors get you down. If you’re on a tight budget, we have some great affordable wedding favor ideas that will let your guest know how much you appreciated their presence on your special day.

      1. Fortune Cookies: Buy some fortune cookies in bulk, carefully slip the message out of each cookie and insert your own. Your messages can be humorous, sweet, or a simple thank you from the both of you.

      2. Seashells: Live near the beach? Spend the day collecting beautiful shells that will look great wrapped in tulle with a ribbon embossed with your names and wedding date. Don’t forget to soak the shells them in warm antibacterial soapy water for several hours.

      3. Bookmarks: Purchase a package of heavy paper from a local business supply store. Create a unique bookmark including an image of you and your spouse. Add a unique quip, such as: “Each day of our lives together is a page in a special book,” then add your names and wedding date. Punch a hole at the top of each bookmark and use strands of colored yarn as a tassel for this favor.

      4. Deck of Cards: Have your images printed on a pack of playing cards. This will really stun your guests. What a unique gift idea! Ask your local printer of he can do this for you.

      5. Message in a Bottle: Purchase clear bottles in bulk. Type a special message up for each of your guests. Print them off and roll them up like scrolls. Slip each scroll into a bottle. You may wish to add confetti to each bottle for décor too! Your guests will love the message of thank you and they’ll treasure it as a keepsake for years to come.

      6. Personalized Key-Rings: Have your picture placed on a key-ring with your names and the date of your wedding printed on it. It’s a great little wedding favor that’s inexpensive. It will also provide the opportunity for your loved ones to have a great picture of the newly wed couple.

      7. Gourmet Coffee Packs: Mix and Match! Add different coffee flavors to different tables so guests can trade-off. Place the coffee in tulle and tie a beautiful ribbon (which matches your bridal party’s colors) around the favor. This wedding favor will be well-received by the adults!

      8. Mini Liquors: Give everyone a miniature liquor bottle with a card attached to it. You can print these cards yourself, they may read: A Toast to Mr. and Mrs. (Last Name) . Supply a different favor for all of your underage guests.

      9. Flower Seed Packages: Purchase flower seeds for all of your guests. Wrap the package in mesh with a note attached that reads: “May your garden bloom as healthy as our love for one another.”

      10. Photograph CD: For the computer savvy families, this is an excellent idea for a wedding favor. Compile photographs from both of your childhoods, then your first pictures together–all the way until this moment. Place them onto a CD for each guest. Your families and friends won’t believe how much you’ve grown into the people you are today.

      Jen Carter is owner of My Wedding Blog, a free wedding planner guide about weddings.

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