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      Eczema Home Remedy


      People with thin dry skin are prone to develop dermatitis/eczema and other skin conditions.  Another cause of dermatitis is sensitivity or allergy to some foods. Studies have shown that people with low stomach acid are sensitive to some types of foods thus making them prone to develop some kind of skin disorder. There are eczema home remedy options that you can use if you suffer with eczema

      Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin, and eczema is a specific form of this condition. What causes eczema and how can you control it?

      Eczema causes redness, flaking or blistering of the skin. The most common condition among children is called infantile eczema. In most cases, the skin is dry, red and scaly, and a rash appears in small areas, particularly on the cheeks. Milder forms of infantile eczema require a eczema home remedy of using just a thick moisturizing cream.

      In adults, there several forms of eczema, including: irritant dermatitis; dyshidrosis, and nummular eczema. The irritant dermatitis is most notably common in older adults in which their skin tends to be dry, especially on the legs. This can lead to mild redness, flaking and irritation. If you constantly use dishwashing liquids, detergents or other household cleaners, these can damage the skin on your hands. Dyshidrosis occurs when itchy blisters show up on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Some of the blisters burst and ooze and the surrounding areas may become inflamed and tender. The third type of eczema is nummular which is accompanied by disks of red, flaking, itchy skin on the body; most commonly on the arms and legs. While it may last for several months, it usually clears up on its own.

      You can control the onset of these conditions by using a simply eczema home remedy and wearing rubber gloves over white cotton gloves for short periods of time when you are in contact with irritants such as dishwater. Dry your hands thoroughly and apply an unscented hand cream as often as possible. If you avoid whatever is causing contact dermatitis, the condition should disappear within a few weeks. If the condition is beyond your control, seek medical assistance.

      Here are other suggestions for an eczema home remedy that works

      1. Put Vitamin E on the affected area it calms the itching. Never use synthetic vitamin E because your body will not be able to utilize it. Synthetic vitamin E has a dl instead of a d in front of its description: dl-alpha tocopherol.
      2. Take Zinc orally and apply it directly on the dermatitis. 
      3. Use pine tar soap to wash the affected skin.
      4. Drink tomato juice daily, it will cure the symptoms in a few days

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