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Keeping Your Kids Safe at School

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Now that the school year is up and in full swing, it is important that all parents use measures that result in keeping your kids safe at school.
(ARA) – The start of the school year is a time of great anticipation for parents and kids alike. New teachers. New classes. New and old friends. It’s a time for fun and learning.

Parents expect schools to be safe havens, but the reality is that children face a host of dangers all day long. Bullying, taunting and teasing are only some of the hazards that kids must deal with it every day at even the best schools in America.

About 30 percent of middle and high school students say they’ve been bullied. Among high school students, one out of nine teens reported they had been pushed, shoved, tripped or spit upon during the last school year, according to a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development research study., the nation’s leading website for free legal information, offers the following tips on keeping your kids safe at school:

* Talk to your kids about school safety. Talk about bullying and make sure your child understands what is and is not acceptable behavior. Also discuss when and how to report bullying.

* Go to the bus stop. If your schedule allows, go to the bus stop with your child and get to know the other kids and parents, along with the bus driver.

* Get to know your kids’ teachers. Send your child’s teacher an email to introduce yourself and regularly check in on your child’s academic and social progress. Learn how his or her teacher approaches bullying and other issues that may distract from the school’s learning environment, such as the use of cell phones and iPods.

* Read the school’s policy on bullying.  Become familiar with school policies about bullying – particularly the protocols for identifying and reporting bullying behavior. Pay careful attention to policies regarding cyberbullying, which can take place outside of school.

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* Watch and listen for the cues. Many kids don’t want to reveal to their parents that they’re being bullied, taunted or teased by other kids. If your child is withdrawn, not doing homework, sick more often than normal or demonstrating other out-of-the-ordinary behavior, talk about what seems to be bothering him or her.

* Know where your kids are at. Sometimes bullying and other unsafe situations take place outside of school grounds, such as at other students’ houses. Telling your kids that you want to know where they are and that they need permission to visit a friend’s house shows them you care. It also reassures them that they can contact you if they need help.

* Monitor Internet use and texting. Put the home computer in a public place and don’t allow your kids to use a computer in their bedroom by themselves.

* Talk to other parents. You may learn that their children also have been bullied or have been involved in activities on and off school grounds that you should be concerned about. You stand a much better chance of obtaining changes and creating a safer environment for your student by acting together rather than alone.

* Put it in writing. If you suspect your child is being bullied or sexually harassed by another student (or a teacher or staff member), ask for a face-to-face meeting with the school’s principal. If the principal does not act, hire an attorney and escalate your complaint to the superintendent and school board. Putting your complaint in writing about the specific types of negative behavior affecting your child is necessary if you need to litigate the complaint in court.

* Take appropriate action when bullying becomes assault. If your child is physically assaulted on the bus, in school or on school grounds, contact the local police department, particularly if there is a school liaison officer assigned to the school, about whether a police report or assault charges should be filed. Do not wait to let the school handle the situation.

For more information on keeping your kids safe at school, visit  Also be sure to Download your Free Parent Guide To Battling The Bullying Epidemic


Mother Daughter Bonding Ideas

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You’ve often heard of ‘Mama’s boys’ and ‘Daddy’s girls’ which may lead you to believe it’s not possible for moms to have special relationships with their daughters. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’ve been having problems with your daughter lately, try some of these mother and daughter bonding ideas to help you set your relationship on the right track.

There are many reasons why it’s important for moms and daughters to have a solid relationship. Probably the most important is that mothers can help explain the changes their daughter’s body will go through in ways their fathers can’t. Moms can also understand how their daughter feels about some subjects where their fathers simply don’t have a clue. As a daughter grows older, moves out, marries and has children of her own, she will often seek her mother’s advice on how to take care of and raise her own children.

Mothers with teenage daughters often find their relationship strained. If this describes your relationship with your daughter, don’t let that stop you from reconnecting with her. Reach out to her and let her know you are there for her. If you’re the daughter, there’s nothing to stop you from reaching out to your mother as well.

Plan something you both can enjoy. Shopping is generally something women get pleasure from no matter how old they are. Take an afternoon or a day to hit the mall just the two of you. While you’re at the mall, try on clothes, get a make-up makeover and simply have fun. Your relationship may not be completely restored after a day at the mall, but it can be improved greatly.

Take a walk together. This will give you an opportunity to talk and allow you to exercise at the same time. Of course, if you prefer, you can do something else to get active together. The point is to do something which is healthy for your body as well as your relationship.

Have either of you ever been to a day spa? If not, now would be a great time to plan a day of pampering. Going to a spa can be expensive but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same experience at home. Gather together facial masks, nail polishes, fragrant candles and some chocolates and you’ll be ready to have a day spa at home.

Men don’t generally like to go to ‘chick flicks’ and women usually won’t force the issue. If you’re dying to see a new movie and your male counterpart won’t go with you, plan a movie date between mom and daughter. You could also rent several you didn’t get to see and plan a whole day of watching movies. Don’t forget the popcorn, something to drink and plenty of tissues!

Maintaining a healthy mother/daughter relationship isn’t always easy. No matter how frustrated you might get with her, there are few relationships that are as important. Use one or more of these mother daughter bonding ideas to help you put your relationship right. When you’ve had the chance to bond again, try to keep your relationship from slipping again.

Time Management Tips for WAHMs

August 05, 2009 By: RealLifeSolutions Category: Teenagers, Working From Home No Comments →

When it comes to starting a home business, one of the most important skills you can develop is time management. It can be difficult to juggle your family life with the demands of a business. Learning a few tips and tricks now will help you avoid problems in the future.

Investing in a planner is a very smart decision. It can be paper or digital – just make sure it is something you like and are comfortable using.

To help keep you on track and working towards your goals, create weekly and daily to do lists and keep track of them in your new planner. Make sure you list all of the things that need to be completed for your own business, as well as any projects you may be taking on for clients or joint venture partners.

People who work from home face a lot of time zappers. Avoid distraction by turning the television off, letting non-important phone calls go to voice mail, and resisting the urge to check your email and surf the net until your work is completed. This can be hard – unplug your modem and disable your wifi if necessary!

Procrastination is a big enemy of people with home based businesses. Fight off this monster by setting small goals and rewarding yourself when you achieve them. Tell other people your goals and ask them to hold you accountable. Find out what motivates you and use it to keep you going, even when you feel like quitting.

To free up parts of your schedule, outsource some tasks to others. The work will still be getting done and you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy the most.

If possible, try to group your tasks together. For example, instead of writing one blog post every day, create several of them once per week. Instead of checking your email and answering it throughout the day, set aside an hour in the morning and an hour at night to answer all of your email at once.

This will save you a lot of time in the long run. If you are constantly switching between tasks, your mind can get frustrated and you’ll actually end up wasting time.

By implementing a few time management tricks, you’ll be able to finish more tasks and enjoy more of your day.

Springtime 30% Off Special For You

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I am really enjoying the 1st full week of Spring and I hope you are too. I will be spending the beginning of the week at home with the kids (who are on Spring break) then my husband and I are packing up and headed to New Orleans for a fun extended weekend.

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Here’s How To Boost Your Teens Self Esteem

January 20, 2009 By: RealLifeSolutions Category: Children, Teenagers 1 Comment →

Many people suffer from self-esteem issues.  Teens are often more effected by esteem issues. They are going through changes, both physically and mentally. This can radically effect how they view them selves and their capabilities – and your ability to understand what they’re going through can help a lot.

Self-esteem is more than how a teen views their appearance.  It is how they view themselves as a whole. It could be how they see themselves in academics, sports or performance based activities. Doing well in these areas can build self-esteem, but may not be the case.  Many teens that are outstanding in these fields and are judged good looking by their peers can suffer from self-esteem issues.  It is in how they view themselves and their performance.

Help a teen improve their self-esteem gradually.  Radical highs and lows can result in depression or other problems. Show them that they can feel good about themselves as a whole.

Self-esteem issues may be reflections of how adults around them behave.  Think of your own behaviors. If you are constantly brow beating yourself your teen sees this.  They notice that you only seem to point out your negatives.  They will emulate this learned behavior.  Start by having a healthier self-esteem level yourself.

Show them that body image isn’t the key to everything.  A teen that has low self-esteem due to looks, weight or other physical features may be resistant to these.  The teenage years are one of adjustment.  They are learning to be comfortable in their own skins.  We live in a society that endorses beauty and thinness as the things to be.  Teens, even those that fit this model, struggle with this.  Teach teens that difference is what makes the world a more enjoyable place. Show them we don’t all need to look like we belong on the cover of a magazine to be beautiful.  It comes from within. This is an issue we all need to get comfortable with, not just today’s youth.

Help them to celebrate their success and forgive their shortcomings.  If they do well on a test give them praise. If they don’t do well show them that is ok too, that they can forgive themselves and move on.  Consider all areas, not just academic, sports, clubs and other activities, no matter how small should be included.  Encourage them to try new things as well. Even if they fail, they are better for trying.

Learning to deal with criticism is part of growing up.  Teach your child that constructive criticism is good, but always balance criticism with praise.  A growing youth needs to know they do things well.  This will help balance out the negative they may be getting.

Most of all be there for your teenager.  A teenager with the love and support of family and friends often has higher self-esteem.  If they are secure in this area, they are often more secure in other areas. Knowing that you are unconditionally accepted does a lot for a teenager.

Be aware of the signs of low self-esteem in your teen.  Low self-esteem can lead to depression, eating disorders, alcoholism or other problems.  Making yourself aware will help you know when your teen may need professional help.

Developing a strong sense of self and healthy self-esteem will get a person far in life.  Helping your teen develop this is one of the best things that you can provide.  Lead by example, give plenty of praise and show them they are wonderful worthwhile person are good first steps.

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Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired?

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Are you tired of hearing all the grumbling and complaining around your house?  Do you ever find yourself just feeling down for no reason?  Maybe it’s time the family has a positive attitude adjustment.  It may take some time to get everyone in the swing of things, but before you know it everyone will be enjoying life more.

Growing up, many of us heard “Can’t died in the poor house”; meaning that saying you can’t do something will get you no where.  How can you bring that phrase to life? Simple –put it into practice. Set up a money jug, and every time someone says something negative, they have to contribute a set amount of money, like a nickel, every time.  You could make it a contest, maybe even between the kids and the adults. Whoever wins by being the most positive, having the least amount of money in their jar after a set period of time, gets both jugs of money.

If you don’t want to deal with using change, you could keep a chart.  Figure out what the reward will be for having a better attitude. Instead of penalizing people when they are negative, you could give a point every time someone is “caught being good” or being especially positive. You could even award bonus points if they are positive despite something disappointing happening, like failing a test at school. 

Another idea is having a time set aside to just share what we’re thankful for. Even though most people do this at Thanksgiving, it is a good thing to do year round.  We tend to take the good things for granted. By being thankful more often, it’s hard to be negative.  Just shifting your focus that little bit can make a huge difference.

A praise board is another way to help the family be more positive.  Set up a bulletin board somewhere everyone will see it.  Give each family member a section of it, or maybe even use small, separate ones for each of the kids on their bedroom doors.  Then everyone gets index cards and they have to write something nice about the person and put it on their board.  Tell each other the things you appreciate about them. Give them compliments.  Encourage them if they are down about something.  When the board is full, take the cards down and put them in a file box. Then if they have a bad day, they can either look at their board, or back through the box of cards with encouraging words just for them.

By just making a few changes, it is amazing how quickly the household’s mood can change.  The little things can really mean a lot.  Once your family starts being more positive with each other, take it a step further and share your good mood with your family and friends.

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Quick Exercises Tips For Busy Moms

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You would think moms exercise more than anyone else; between taking care of their children, cleaning the house, and running errands.  The truth of the matter is, as a mom, you need specific exercises to remain healthy and fit. Here are four exercises which will not only give you the energy you need, but allow you to face daily challenges head on.

Lunges: To perform the lunge just stands with their feet apart, and step forward, landing with the heel first. The motion is continued until the back knee is nearly touching the ground. Return to the starting position by pushing forward with the front leg, and repeat the exercise by stepping forward with their other leg. This exercise strengthens your leg muscles and hamstrings. You can even perform this work out by dusting your living room coffee table, or cleaning the bottom of your kitchen cabinets.  Make it a fun thing to do!

Lateral Shoulder Raise: Work your shoulders and upper arms by sitting straight in a chair, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Beginning with your hands at your side, raise them both up and out at the same time. Slowly bring your arms down; repeating this move at least ten times.  Now, if you do not have any dumbbells, use a gallon container of laundry detergent.  You may not reach ten, but you are certainly on your way to it. Don’t put the laundry detergent away; you’re not finished with it yet!

Back Exercise:  Again, using the containers of laundry detergent, hold one in each hand… Stand with your legs apart. Bend your knees slightly and bend your body forward at the waist. Let your arms hang down in front of you, but don’t lock your elbows. Keeping your back straight, abdominal muscles in, and knees bent, pull the containers upward towards your chest. Then, slowly lower the weights back to starting position. Now you can put the detergent back in the closet!

Stomach Exercise:  Lay on the floor with your right foot resting on your left knee.  Lift your shoulders and neck as if you are doing a regular crunch. Reach your left hand above and over your right foot. Lower your head to just above the ground. After ten repetitions, repeat the exercise with your left foot and right knee.

All of these exercises are quick and are proven to show results.  So, get started Mom!  Be sure to email me and let me know what exercises you are going to start with.

Take a look at “Get Fit While You Sit” and get 36 Exercises you can do almost anywhere, anytime!

Money Saving Tips for moms

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Every family should incorporate money saving ideas into the picture. You have a budget, no matter what their financial status is. A budget tells you exactly how much your have coming in, and how much goes out on a monthly basis for the absolute necessities like housing, food, utilities, insurance, transportation and health care.

But what about the future?  That’s another place where a budget comes in handy. When you’ve allotted a portion of the household’s weekly income to the necessities, what’s left over is your discretionary spending amount. These are the funds available to you for short-term expenses, or long-term investments, like your children’s education, and your own retirement funds.

Every family should incorporate money saving ideas into the picture. You have a budget, no matter what their financial status is. A budget tells you exactly how much your have coming in, and how much goes out on a monthly basis for the absolute necessities like housing, food, utilities, insurance, transportation and health care. But what about the future?That’s another place where a budget comes in handy. When you’ve allotted a portion of the household’s weekly income to the necessities, what’s left over is your discretionary spending amount. These are the funds available to you for short-term expenses, or long-term investments, like your children’s education, and your own retirement funds.When the children are growing and requiring more in the way of expenditures, there might not be a lot left over. But even 5% of your income can be a healthy start on an education fund. Extras like bonuses or perhaps half the amount of a raise, will make those future savings grow. Since they aren’t in the budget to start with, they won’t be missed, and you’ll still have a portion of the unexpected income to add to your regular budget.Consider financial counseling at your banking institution, or from a professional. They are often the best sources for learning how to get the most out of the dollars you have to save, and the most out of the future benefits they are going to earn for you. 

Hip Moms create meal plans…

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Why not give yourself a much-needed break — cook ahead today so you can relax tomorrow!  Meal planning and bulk cooking are both wonderful techniques you can use and modify to fit your families needs. The idea behind this is simple. The principle is that you cook and or prepare your meals ahead of time and then preserve them by either freezing or fridgerating them. Also, meal planning you can cook one large meal and get 2-3 other meals out of it!
Here are some free meal planning tips for you :)

I love to meal plan so if you have any tips for other moms out there – feel free to post them in the comments!

Five Easy 10-Minute Organizing Tasks For Busy Moms

July 18, 2008 By: RealLifeSolutions Category: Blogroll, Children, Freebies, Goals, Healthy Living, Organization, Pamper Yourself, Parenting, Self Esteem, Stress Management, Teenagers, Uncategorized, Working From Home No Comments →

We all know how busy mom’s are and organizing seems like a never-ending task.  Well, if you have just 10 short minutes, here are 5 great organizing tasks you can do in ten minutes or less:

1. Clean out your medicine cabinet. Get rid of old makeup, expired medicine and toiletries you haven’t used in months.

2. Clear off your desk. Take everything off your desk and clear the surface, even if you have to temporarily put everything on the floor in categorized piles (i.e. paper, supplies, electronic media, etc.).  Once you can see your desk, you’ll have a surface on which to begin organizing everything you just removed from it.

3. Delete, delete, delete. For the next 10 minutes, delete as many messages as you can from your email inbox. This includes forwarded jokes, unsolicited messages and email you can simply read and chuck.

4. Organize a drawer. Whether it’s your junk drawer, a drawer in your bedroom dresser or a desk drawer, spend 10 minutes emptying out the junk, and arranging it so that similar items are being stored together.

5. Make a Donation Box. Simply get a large cardboard box and label it ‘Donation Box.’ Every chance you get, place items that are in good condition, but you no longer use, inside the box. When it’s full, call your local charity to come pick it up, or drop it off if they don’t offer a pick-up service.
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