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Ways to Keep Your Marriage Exciting

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There comes a point in nearly all marriages where one or both parties feel they need to liven things up.   There are a few ways to keep your marriage exciting and that is what this post is all about.  While it’s impossible to travel back in time to the heady days when you first met, you can build on the richness and depth you’ve developed over the years to bring about a new kind of excitement.

Here are some ways to keep your marriage exciting

Dare to Be Different

You don’t have to share interests to get along. In fact, successfully married couples point out that having different interests – at least some different interests – has helped them grow closer. If your spouse is into something that you admire but are not particularly good at or interested in, you can still respect him/her and support the interest.

Also, spending some time by yourself or with people besides your spouse can be good for your relationship. Absence may indeed make the heart grow fonder – take a break from each other regularly and pursue those different interests.

Now, Find Something to Do Together

If possible, find something new to do together. This will be more like “neutral territory,” without expectations built on past experience. If you’re both doing something for the first time – taking a dancing class, for instance, or doing an exercise routine together – there is a shared awkwardness that can actually bring you closer. And neither one of you is trying to show or tell the other one what to do.

Speaking of Exercise…

Sources say that it really can breathe new life into a marriage if one or both spouses takes up regular exercise. In fact, enrolling in a gym membership together could be a way to do this as a joint activity.  This is another one of the great ways to keep your marriage exciting. Or, just taking up exercise yourself can be helpful. It’s said that your physical relationship is enhanced when you’re in shape, which makes sense – exercise tends to give you more energy and better muscle tone.

Ignore the “What Ifs”

Marriages can be bogged down with “what ifs.” What if I gain weight, have health problems, get wrinkles, burn dinner, etc.? Will he/she leave me? Successfully married couples say that a key to their success is recognizing that marriage is permanent. So letting go of the “what ifs” – whether fear of being abandoned or looking for a “loophole” if you want out – can greatly enliven your marriage.

Remember How You Used to…

Every spouse has his or her way of finishing the above sentence! While it’s true that you can’t expect your relationship to be like it was when you were dating, you can resurrect some behaviors and characteristics that you may have forgotten about, but that really endeared you to your spouse.  One of my favorite tips for ways to keep your marriage exciting is to ask eachother that question:  “Remember when we used to….”

For example, you might have taken great care to look perfect and have your hair, make-up, and clothes “just so” before going out on a date, but now you don’t take much time on your appearance. Or you might have been in shape and enjoyed being active before you got married, but now you’re a couch potato. Think about those things your spouse really enjoyed about you when you first met, and try getting back into them now and then.

Hopefully you will use one or more of these great ways to keep your marriage exciting!

Beauty Tips for Summer

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This summer, you can expect the heat and humidity that always comes along with all the fun the season offers. It can be hard to feel beautiful when you’re dripping sweat under a head of frizzy hair! Here are some beauty tips for summer so help you keep a glowing, vibrant look despite the heat.


It’s pretty amazing how much thirstier you are in the summer than in the winter, and there’s a reason for that. You’re losing a lot of water in the form of sweat, and daylight hours are long, meaning more exposure to heat and the consequent sweat. Keeping yourself hydrated in important. It helps prevent heat stroke, dry skin, and other health issues. Healthy is beautiful! So keep water handy wherever you are, and take it with you whenever you leave the house. You can also eat lots of hydrating fruits like peaches, plums, and melons. These are good for you, too, supplying lots of healthful nutrients.

Go Light on the Make-Up

Thick, opaque make-up can run and streak in summer, and frankly, it just looks stifling in the heat! Dark, thick eye make-up may streak and run when you sweat, too. Soft colors and light coverage are key. If you have blemishes, go with a concealer and a light, low-pigment base with sunscreen.

Avoid Sun Damage

In the old days, a tan was considered “healthy.” But now we know that it’s anything but! Tanning is sun damage, plain and simple, and the possibility of developing skin cancer is raised exponentially with each sunburn. Bad sunburns also peel and even blister, which doesn’t help your make-up efforts or your facial skin’s health and beauty. So wear light sunscreen daily – in fact, you can use a lightly pigmented sunscreen daily in lieu of base make-up.


Summer is a great time to experiment with up-dos. Your hair can look frizzy or stringy in the humid, sweaty days of summer. Wearing your hair up also looks and feels cooler. Light clips and pins can keep hair up without a lot of accoutrements.

Speaking of hair, those with curly hair can avoid frizz by using gel (for thick hair) or mousse (for thin hair).

Long and Flowy

When it’s hot, no one wants to wear long pants and sleeves. But if you aren’t comfortable exposing these areas, go for the flowy look. It can be very beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Long skirts and light, flowy shirts can be quite flattering and still allow for ample air circulation.

Vacation Money Saving Tips For Families

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When it comes to family travel — many are on the lookout for vacation money saving tips for families.  
(ARA) – The slow economy hasn’t hindered travel plans for most families. Family travelers take an average of 4.5 trips each year, according to the U.S. Travel Association. Savvy families are able to travel and build lasting memories by making trips more affordable with the help of simple money-saving solutions.

Here are five vacation money saving tips for families:

Tip 1: Plan ahead of time  – Once you decide where your family will go, it’s time to research what to do. From visiting theme parks and museums to spending relaxing days at the park or beach, it is smart to do your research. Some places will give deals for advanced purchases or allow you to combine several activities into one discounted price. Your research might also help you discover some fun free activities in the area.

Tip 2: Seek out inclusive activities – Food, rides, shows and souvenirs, a day at the theme park – vacation expenses add up pretty quickly. Consider seeking out options where one price includes everything. All-in-one activities are great for families on a budget. Does the water park include free lunch with your ticket? Does your amusement park pass include a ticket to the music show they present? How about free child care for mom and dad while they’re at the restaurant? Activities that include extras can make for a hassle-free day where you never have to take out your wallet.

Tip 3: Book a hotel with all the amenities – and perks  – A nice hotel with many amenities can make all the difference after busy days of sightseeing or visiting friends and family. Home2 Suites by Hilton, for example, have comfortable suites for the family to stretch out and sleep soundly each night. Cook a meal in the suite’s kitchen for a relaxing night in and a money-saving alternative to nightly dinner outings. Make a day of hanging out at the outdoor patio where you can grill lunch or simply relax and catch up with the family in the Oasis, the hotel’s common hub for social gathering. The saline-based pool, maintained with natural chemicals, is also a fun spot for the family to enjoy. Bringing the family pet? Enjoy time with your furry family member on the outdoor green area for pets at this pet-friendly hotel.

Tip 4: Cut your food costs - By eliminating eating out for one meal a day during your trip, you can save a lot of money. A family of four can spend $40 a day on breakfast at a restaurant – that’s $280 for a week’s vacation! By choosing a hotel that provides a complimentary breakfast, you can pocket that money for a fun activity, or save it for paying down the credit card bill when you get home. Not all hotel breakfasts are equal – look for options like the ones from Home2 Suites that provide a variety of tasty options to please everyone: hot breakfast sandwiches, cereal, yogurt, oatmeal and a variety of bakery products.

Tip 5: Pack light when flying -  With most airline carriers charging for luggage these days, your family can rack up fees quickly if everyone has a full bag to check. For example, at $25 per bag per flight, it costs a family of four $200 extra round trip. If you can cut down on the amount of clothes and supplies you bring, you can save a ton. Check only a couple bags or just use carry-on luggage. Then, look for accommodations that offer on-site guest laundry. If you stay with Home2 Suites, you can easily do laundry on-site and either relax in the outdoor common space, or grab a quick workout in the adjacent gym.

Family travel is quality time you spend together creating memories that will last a lifetime. With these strategies, your next trip will not only be memorable, but it will be affordable too.

By using any or all of the above vacation money saving tips for families, you will be well on your way to saving money AND having a great time with your family.

Anti Aging Tips for Women

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If you are looking for anti aging tips for women, you have come to the right place.  Have you heard it said that ageing is a state of mind? In part, that’s probably true! It’s also a state of body. Here are some anti-ageing tips for both your mind and your body.

Anti Aging Tips For Women – Skin

Keeping your skin supple and elastic is important for looking and feeling young. Many sources note the importance of eating fresh fruit for skin health. Not only does it contain antioxidants that help reduce the effects of aging – fresh fruit also helps your body produce and maintain collagen, the elastic protein that keeps skin supple. Citrus fruits and berries are said to be particularly effective. Fresh fruit also hydrates your body, an important aspect of looking younger.

In addition to eating fresh fruits, your skin may benefit from drinking water, too. Hydration of the skin starts from the inside, after all, and water helps flush out any toxins and impurities that may be building up in your system.


Exercise is important for all ages, so beware of thinking you don’t have to engage in it because you’re ageing! In fact, as you begin to grow older, exercise is essential. Here are some reasons why.

* Joint health is positively affected by proper exercise. Weight-bearing but low-impact exercises may be best, such as bike riding or low-impact aerobics – this is purported to reduce and prevent bone loss (which can result in osteoporosis). Also, movement of the joints helps keep them lubricated, reducing inflammation and the pain of arthritis.

* Excess weight gain can creep up on us as we age. Exercising regularly helps keep weight in check.

* Toning those areas most affected by age – the belly (in men) and the triceps (in women), for example, can help prevent the appearance of age.


Laughing and having fun can greatly reduce stress, sources say. And stress reduction helps you feel and look younger. So go ahead – dance around, listen to music from your college years, read a funny book or watch a funny movie – and laugh!

Get Adequate Sleep

Ever wonder why it’s called “beauty rest”? There’s a reason that adage came to be – getting enough sleep prevents rings, circles, and puffiness under the eyes and helps keep the face from having that saggy look associated with ageing.

Anti Aging Tips For Women – Diet

A study has shown that Icelanders eat the most seafood of any population in the world, and, at 81, they also have one of the longest life expectancies. While most of us can’t practically replicate Icelanders’ consumption (220 pounds per person per year!), we can incorporate more seafood in our diets. Salmon is considered particularly healthy. Consider at least two meals a week that center around seafood.

Another anti-ageing diet tip is to steam your veggies, sources say. Steamed vegetables tend to reduce inflammation (which is associated with ageing), whereas fried or grilled vegetables may increase inflammation.

By using any of these anti aging tips for woman that are listed above you will be sure to start to feel and look younger!

Natural Cosmetic products

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Horror stories in the media about the toxic ingredients contained in many of our beauty products may lead you to want to stop buying cosmetics altogether! However, if you put a little effort into becoming more aware of what you’re buying, you can help to protect your health with natural cosmetic products.

Unfortunately it can be hard to know just what is and what isn’t good for you, but try to bear these simple steps in mind and you will be well on the way.

Never Trust Claims on the Packaging: Unfortunately packaging can be very deceptive, which is why you should do your best never to trust claims such as ‘natural’, ‘organic’ (unless it comes with the organic seal) or ‘dermatologist tested’. True, in some cases these might mean something and they really will be natural cosmetic products, but in most cases they are there just to get you to buy and don’t truly represent the ingredients.

Always Check the Ingredients: Checking the ingredients is the only real way to know what’s in the product. This can be difficult at first, as the chances are that you won’t have heard of many of the substances listed, but you’ll slowly learn with time. Look out for any poison symbols and warnings, as these are a very good sign that chemicals are involved!

Minimize the Use of Fragrances: The word ‘fragrance’ is found on so much packaging, but what does this really mean? Fragrances are often made of toxic chemicals, but the problem is that we don’t know exactly which chemicals they will include. There are more than 5,000 different fragrances used in beauty and cosmetic products, and not all of the chemicals will be listed on the label. Since fragrances are massive culprits for allergic reactions, and may also contain other harmful ingredients known as Phthalates, it’s best to go for fragrance-free products wherever possible.

Think Simpler: Once you start to learn more about the ingredients contained in cosmetic products it’ll probably become a lot easier to simplify your beauty regime. You may have many different products that all claim to do similar things – why not cut down? Once you start getting used to natural cosmetic products and beauty practices, you’ll also find that simple household ingredients can do a great job, and you may even feel as though you can go without some of your beauty products altogether.

Regulations to Protect Our Health: Some authorities are starting to clamp down on the ingredients cosmetic manufacturers can or cannot use. Whilst you can never rely on regulations to protect you completely, it is useful to know how they are coming into place. Check the laws and regulations in your country, or on your local government website, for more information.

It isn’t easy when you’re first getting started with natural cosmetic products, and there is a lot to learn. Just take it one step at a time and learn about new ingredients as you come across them. You’ll soon remember which products to avoid, and which won’t harm your health.

Taking Time Out For Yourself

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For many different reasons, when some women become mothers they feel as if they don’t have any time to themselves. Let me ask you a question…. Do you have a problem taking time out for yourself?

Not only do they feel like they don’t have any time to themselves, they also feel like they don’t have the right to ask for this time because they are a mother. However, what these women fail to see is that not only do they have the right to have “me time,” but that this time extremely important. Perhaps you are one of these women that find it hard when it comes to taking time out for yourself, if so, keep reading. You’ll learn why you need to set aside your own “me time.”

The first reason that every mother needs her own “me time” is because none of us are Super Woman. It is impossible for us to deal with all of the daily demands placed on us as a wife, mother and woman without giving somewhere. After doing this day in and day out, it’s only natural that we begin to feel burned out. This is generally when we get a little “cranky.” I know you all know what I’m talking about. Therefore, it’s important that you start taking time out for yourself and give yourself at least 6 hours every WEEK of “me time.” It will keep you sane.

Not only will “me time” keep you sane, it will also give you time to do whatever it is you enjoy doing. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy reading romance novels, shopping, getting your nails done, going to the movies, cooking, etc. “Me time” is the time you give to yourself every week to do anything you want to do. Why is this important? So many women live life to the fullest before they get married and have kids. They know what things they enjoy doing the most – and they do them. However, when these women get married and have children they don’t have the time to do these things, and eventually, they forget all about the things they used to enjoy and, in a sense, they forget who they were. Giving yourself six hours a week will give you the ability to continue to enjoy all the things in life you enjoyed before kids.

Finally, taking time out for yourself isn’t just for your own benefit, but it’s also for your family’s benefit as well. Once you begin to carve out a little time for yourself every week, you’ll find that you’re in a better mood and less irritable. Your family will enjoy this too. In addition, whether or not you want to admit it, your children, and maybe your husband too, need to learn how to handle things on their own –without you around. Whether you decide to give yourself “me time” an hour every day or 6 hours one day a week, this time away will teach your family how to survive on their own – even if it is just for a little while.

Taking time out for yourself does not make you selfish or a bad mother. Don’t ever let this idea take root in your brain. You need time to yourself so that you can become a better mother. You’ll be more patient and loving as a result. You’ll also be healthier as you won’t be nearly as stressed out. So, do yourself a favor and start taking some “me time!”

Being a mom is certainly one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but when you add all the other roles you play on a daily basis (career woman, wife, cook, chauffeur, teacher and the list goes on and on…), things can become a bit overwhelming.

The good news is that you’re not alone and help is here for you. Through our collection of Real Life Guides, you can find many of the answers you need to help you with all the bumps in the road.


Easy Ways For Moms To Save Time & Money

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(ARA) – A mom is always walking a fine line between trying to provide her family with everything they need, while at the same time balancing a budget and saving money for the unexpected surprises life can throw at her.

Yes, life can get busy with running errands, shuttling children and taking care of the household chores. Here are some tips that you can use as a smart mom to save time and money.

1. Go on a treasure hunt at garage sales and estate auctions with your children. This is a great opportunity if you are redecorating a room, or looking to replace household items. Create a “scavenger hunt” list of what you wish for, and scour the sales, looking for the best deals. If you save money on curtains, home accessories, furniture or toys, everyone wins.

2. As a busy mom with three girls, Anna Teoli found shopping online was the easiest way for her to save time.

“I always looked for the best deals, and for some reason, I always felt that if I searched more, I would find an even better deal,” Teoli says. “One day it just hit me, why not gather all that information myself and let everyone know – all the best bargains and deals, online coupon codes, in-store coupons and all the ways to save more money.”

Teoli started the MommySavesBig blog in 2007 and now has all the coupon codes, deals and in-store coupons for popular stores a mom needs to keep her budget and family happy at the same time.

3. Before shopping at a favorite store online, join the company’s newsletter. Not only will the company give you the latest product and services information, but within 48 hours they usually will e-mail you a coupon.

4. Compare prices with a little research. This is very important when you are shopping for more expensive items. Use the Internet to research the products available, compare prices for the product you want at different stores, and also search for available discounts or coupons. Don’t be in a hurry to buy, because you will always save more money by doing your homework.

5. Ask for discounts. Some stores accept printable coupons. Other stores accept expired coupons or competitor coupons. It doesn’t hurt to ask if you can get a discount, and there is nothing wrong with trying to save money, especially in these hard times.

Moms work long hours and are always trying to make ends meet, says Teoli.

“In today’s world, having everything is not enough, we always want more,” she says. “Therefore, shopping and spending my money wisely simply makes me feel better and MommySavesBig helps me achieve that goal.”

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Inner Beauty and Feeling Good about Yourself

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“Pretty is as pretty does” and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” are common sayings which talk about a woman’s looks. Depending upon where you live, you may have heard similar sayings. So if the outward appearance isn’t what’s most important, can you learn how to appreciate your inner beauty and feel good about yourself?

There are some women who may never be considered to be a “classic” beauty, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be considered to be attractive. Every woman won’t be a super model but when you really think about it, wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone was stunningly beautiful? Here are some ways you can learn to appreciate your inner beauty rather than fixating on the outward appearance.

* Define what inner beauty is to you. Is it having integrity above all else? Does it equate with being a good listener or having compassion for those that are hurting? Can it be said you have inner beauty if you’re able to see the good in others or if you have a great sense of humor?

* Whatever inner beauty consists of to you, determine to work on those areas of your personality. Develop your sense of justice, compassion, or the ability to listen and truly hear what others are saying.

* Think about how you can make yourself more attractive, but don’t rely on your outer appearance to help you get by in life. Do your best to dress neatly, have your hair styled in an appealing way, and think of how you want to be treated by others. Even if you’re not considered beautiful by society’s standards, you can still be attractive.

* Another common saying you may have heard is that the “eyes are the window to the soul.” If you’re unsure of yourself or don’t feel good about yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll look into the eyes of another person. What do you see when you look into another’s eyes? Are the alive with confidence and mischief or lacking energy and distant?

* Do your best not to make disparaging comments about others’ appearance. There really is more to a person than what you see on the outside. If this is true for others, it’s also true for you.

* Show others that you care about them. Encourage them to be the best they can possibly be. Cheer them on when they’re struggling. And no matter what you look like on the outside, you will have the type of character traits which will make you appealing and desirable to be around.

Make it a point to spend time with others who appreciate their inner beauty as well as those of others. Develop a good attitude about life as well as learning how to appreciate your own inner beauty. Feeling good about yourself will make others want to spend time with you and will make you appealing, no matter what your outward appearance is.

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Finding The Time To Relax

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When you’re a busy mom, the last thing you may be thinking about is taking the time to relax. After all, when there’s more things on your to-do list than hours in the day, who has time to relax, right?

That kind of thinking can be unhealthy. If you have too much on your plate, you can easily become stressed. Stress can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, and more.

Here are some tips on how to find the time to relax!

* If you keep a daily planner, pencil your relaxation time into your own schedule. It may sound silly, but if you don’t put it on your schedule, you may never get around to actually relaxing!

* If you’re having trouble finding some alone time, get up before everyone else – even it it’s just 15 minutes. You’ll have time to read a few pages of a book, journal, or just relax and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea without any interruptions.

* Don’t be afraid to delegate some household chores!  Getting your spouse or your kids to take on a chore will free up some of your time. Hey – it’s their house, too. They should be doing some of the cleaning!

* Don’t feel about saying “no.” There are only so many things you can do in a day.

* Get Enough Sleep! Your body needs adequate rest each day. Get into a regular sleeping schedule and make sure you get the amount you need each day. When it’s time to wake up, avoid the snooze button. Sleeping in can throw you off schedule and make going to bed difficult, which will make getting up the next day even harder. It’s a vicious cycle!

* Most importantly, give yourself permission to take some time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about carving fifteen minutes out of your day for a little bit of relaxation. You deserve it!

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Get Hubby To Help

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Seven Tips for Getting Your Husband to Help with Housework

Since the beginning of time, husbands have been viewed as the hunters and wives as the gatherers.  According to statistics, only 15% of husbands today help with housework. Although we may not have fully evolved into an equal partnership when it comes to the home, and while there is still an on-going debate as to how to encourage husbands to help around the house, here are seven tips for getting your husband to help with housework that may work for you.

Depending upon how your husband was raised, he may or may not know how to handle housework.  Therefore, the first thing you can do is teach him.

Every woman cleans their home in their own way.  They have a method which guarantees everything is spotless and in its place.  For men, however, they hardly notice if the house is clean or not, and so it is important to discuss housework and their role – not as helper, but one who can equally share the responsibility of keeping the house clean and orderly. 

Discuss housework with him.

More often than not, the husband usually takes out the trash and does “manly” work around the house, such as fixing and building or working in the back yard.  If you need your husband to assist you with housework, you will have to compromise a bit by asking what chore he would like to tackle.  Is he a good cook? Does he enjoy food shopping? If so, perhaps he can take over the meal preparation while you take care of the house.

Offer a compromise to him.

If both of you work, weekends are a time for rest and relaxation.  If one of you works at home or is taking care of children, you may find it even more difficult to get your husband to help with housework.  Talk to your husband about taking on one chore at a time, so that you can free up your weekends to spend more time with each other and the children.  Discuss a schedule of chores with him.

If you find that your husband will not lift a finger to help you, call in the guards.  Hire a cleaning service.  Perhaps when he sees the bill week after week, he may decide it’s easier to help rather than pay someone to do it.  Discuss the cleaning service with him. 

Now ladies, this next tip may be over the top, but in some cases it is needed to cajole your husband to help with the housework.  Simply tell him if he doesn’t help, he’ll be spending many lonely nights without your company.  Talk about a lack of lovin’ with him.

Finally, if any or all of these tips fail, your last resort is to do nothing.  That’s right, engage in a housework strike, and go out one Saturday leaving him to handle the kids and the messy house.  You can be assured that at some point he will get the message, and a dialogue will ensue where you can talk about your feelings and his lack of attention.