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About This Blog And About Aurelia

About The Blog:

My Name is Aurelia Williams and I am a Certified Personal Life Coach and Podcaster.  I live in Washington, DC with my husband and three children.  I started this blog over 3 years ago and use is as a means to get valuable information to many moms out there.

Here at  this blog you will find many resources, articles, posts and my offer support to help you deal deal with today’s tough issues.  The goal of this blog is help you lead an emotionally & physically healthier, more productive and less stressful life.  I cover topics such as Parenting, Emotional Health, Organization, Cleaning Tips, Time Management Tips and more.  I enjoy reading the comments that visitors post to the blog and I recently added a great feature to upper right hand side of the blog where my visitors can opt to receive an email from me when the blog is updated.

About Aurelia:

My passion in life is to help others, especially women, live healthier and happier lives. I make a point to try to do this daily whether it’s through my coaching services, information  sites, podcast or products.  I am  always looking for ways to lend a supportive hand to others and make their life a little less hectic and a lot more enjoyable.

I feel truly blessed to be given the opportunity to fulfill my dream of helping others find a healthy balance between work, family and self.   Through my coaching at Real Life Coaching I am able to work one on one with my clients to help them reach their goals.

I am the author of Journey to Joy, where I lend a helping and caring hand by challenging other women to find the joy and serenity they deserve in their lives. Journey to Joy is full of tips and resources to help every woman who reads it become the woman she was born to be; happy, healthy and confident.

I am also the owner of Real Life Solutions, a website dedicated to helping those who visit lead an emotionally & physically healthier, more productive and less stressful life. Packed with resources and information, Real Life Solutions is there with tips to help make that life a reality, not just a possibility for those who stop by.

I host the biweeky Parenting My Teen Podcast which is an Internet radio show that was birthed from my desire to help parents of teenagers get through the trying, yet most crucial time of their child’s life.

I also have a series of Real Life Guidance reports and they are written for all women and moms in general and cover a wide variety of topics.  

On a more personal note, I am very active in my childrens lives and serve on the Elementary and High School PTA and spend much of my time volunteering.