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Free “Time for Me” Report for Moms

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 In today’s hectic world, it’s not always easy to find ME TIME. In fact, sometimes we might feel guilty about wanting a bit more of it. But in reality, without time to unwind or to pursue our own interests we can end up a tightly wound ball of nerves ready to explode. That’s not goof for you or your family.

Download this free guide and learn:

  • The benefits of me time.
  • Re-evaluating how you’re currently spending your time.
  • Finding the time YOU need.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • …and more.

Visit to download your free report

This Guide is Brought to You By:  This guide is generously provided by Journey to Joy, your guide to a more fulfilling life as a mom.

*You will need Adobe

What in the HECK can a Personal Life Coach Do?

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I just wanted to spread the word about Life Coaching and what it can do to help just about anyone. No, not every coach is suited for every client but the right coach/client combination is such powerful tool.I hear different variations of the following questions and statements a lot: “What can a coach do for me?”, “I can’t afford to pay a coach!”, “What does SHE know that I don’t know?”, “I don’t need a stinkin’ Coach!” Ok, well I tossed the word “stinkin’” in there (smile) but I do know there are many people who could benefit from the power of coaching but feel they don’t need it.

Well hopefully the following can open some eyes to the magic of this wonderful tool!

Coaching is an effective process used to support individuals in creating something new for themselves. I work side by side with my clients coaching them by providing perspective and support for self-knowledge as they accomplish their business and personal goals.

I help women achieve balance and cultivate the tools necessary for them to evolve into a life filled with happiness and serenity. I believe all women have the tools they need inside to lead a more fulfilling life. I simply guide them along an empowering path that will awaken these tools, focus on their passion and ultimately lead them to a more fulfilled self. If you are ready to find your way to a more balanced you, I will be your guide.

Life coaches are great and act as your personal cheerleader. There are many benefits to having a Personal Life Coach and here are just a few. Coaching is a valuable process for people looking to:

  • design life intentions that include both your business and personal goals.
  • make meaningful personal changes that reduce stress and simplify your life.
  • free up energy and other resources to attract what you want for your life now.
  • enhance the quality of your communication and relationships
  • work through a career or life transition
  • achieve better work/life balance
  • gain clarity, focus and direction

Coaching is also for those that are successful and growing entrepreneurs, where everything is going really well, and you would just appreciate a neutral sounding board who will give you straight-up honest feedback and on-going support.

Please visit me at Real Life Coaching. I would like to offer you a gift of a free sample session. There really is nothing like coaching. The best way to learn about it is to experience it for yourself! I would love to introduce you to the world of coaching in an absolutely free, ‘no strings attached’ sample session. If you are interested, simply e-mail me and we can set up an appointment.

Planning a Party Or BBQ Soon?

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Summer time is here and there’s no better time the now to get the whole family together for a luau! The Party Zone can help you plan your party with ease. We’ve got decorations, costumes, paper supplies, music and more! We have hundreds of themes to choose from for all of your celebrations. We carry all of the supplies you need to make your special event remembered. Including gifts, cups, plates, invitations, music, decorations and more! And with easy online ordering makes The Party Zone the place to be when planning your next event. 

Here are just a few of our Party Themes:

Fun Summer Ideas for Kids: Reading

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As kids look forward to the last day of school, most middle school public school teachers remind their students to read at least 25 books over the summer.  While this is certainly a daunting challenge, there are ways reading can be included in fun summer ideas for kids.

While it is estimated that school kids put in more hours than working adults, they too need a bit of a break. The first week of vacation should be devoted to rest and relaxation. This can then be followed by weekly trips to the library wherein kids can choose their own reading material specifically in topics which interest them. All year long they are being told what to read. By giving them the opportunity to choose books they like, they won’t feel so overwhelmed. Allowing them to decide what to read will give them the flexibility to seek different genres such as Harry Potter, and the ability to engage in this ongoing adventure.

Children are under a great deal of pressure during the school year. Summer should be a time of fun, but it can also be a time of learning as well. If your kids love to read, the trips to the library will be exciting for them. If they are hesitant, allow them to browse around. If they don’t choose any books the first time around, try again a week later. They may come upon a book or books which grab their attention. You can be assured once they find a topic of interest, especially if it’s a serialized book, they will want to return.

Fun summer ideas for kids can include reading as part of their summer enjoyment.  It all depends upon how it is approached. While the 25-book requirement may or may not be reached, it is important for the kids not to feel pressured, but allowed to read at their own pace. If they manage to read 1 book every 2 weeks, that’s a plus. Whether they take a book to the beach or read aloud at home, reading should be a fun and relaxing time for kids.

Wordless Wednesday

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kmaiabday.jpg picture by Aurelia

Tackle It Tuesday!

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Tackle It Tuesday MemeI love getting my “tackle it” list onto by blog. There is something about writing it all down that really inspires to to get it all done.

Here is what I need to tackle today and during the entire week:

1. Continue on my mission to add at least 1 article a day to my Real Life Solutions site.

2 . Keep working to get a sponsor for the Parenting My Teen Podcast and I am also on the lookout for a great guest (this was on my list last week too).

3. Hit the Grocery store during lunch time – I find that Tuesdays are really great days for shopping – the stores are just about empty.

4.  Hire out the writing of articles to generate traffic to Real Life Guidance.

5. Start planning something **HUGE** for our 10year wedding anniversary (mid-August) – I am thinking about a weekend get-a-way.

So, do you care to share what you have already tackled and/or still need to tackle today?

Baby Step Your Way To Healthier Eating

June 23, 2008 By: RealLifeSolutions Category: Healthy Living 1 Comment →

As busy moms we all want to provide healthy meals for our families. But sometimes we get so overwhelmed that by the time we hit the kitchen, we’re too stressed to think about changing our habits for the better. Setting a goal is great, but without a plan of action, it’s not going to happen. A plan can help you to meet your goal of eating healthier and won’t overwhelm you.

The following are some tips to help you baby step your way to a healthier diet:

Get out of your rut. Many times, we all decide we can’t stick to an eating plan because it limits us to certain foods or cuts out entire food groups, like carbohydrates or dairy products. Many diets are set up this way, but eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to go on a restricted diet. There is so much variety among fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Try a new food like kefir or miso soup, or a new recipe from a healthy cookbook. You never know if you’ll find a new food you and your family will love.

Make it easier on yourself. Take advantage of cookbooks, ready to use foods, and meal planning options that you can find online to help you to create a plan that works for you. Don’t try to figure out what to cook for dinner when you’re starving, because your body will be crying out for sugar at that time. Be proactive and have a plan, and stock your pantry and fridge with healthier options.

Start with just one meal. Choosing one meal at a time to improve will help you stay focused and not feel overwhelmed. This does not mean you should eat junk or fast food the rest of the day, but focusing on one meal at a time can make the step to healthier eating a little easier. As an example, switch from cold breakfast cereals that may be high in sugars to a cooked whole grain like oatmeal, or even a yummy fruit salad for breakfast.

Taking each of these steps one at a time could really help to launch you onto a plan that will work for you. Remember it does not have to be difficult – and taking baby steps means the changes are more likely to stick!

Make healthy eating simpler with free whole foods recipes from  

Top Five Summer Jobs for Teens

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Top Five Summer Jobs for Teens

As summer approaches, it’s time for your teen to get a job.  This will be good preparation for their future role in the workplace.  Here are the top five summer jobs for teens you may want to consider:

1. If your teen is already in college, a great way to spend the summer is to intern in a company which incorporates the teen’s chosen field.  For example, if your teen is studying architecture at college, working for an architect will give them insight, and training, which will become invaluable to them later on.  They can use the company as a reference later on or they may even be offered a job after graduation.

2. If your teen is athletic, he or she may opt to work as a lifeguard at a beach, pool, or park.  This would not only be great training for them, but also teach them discipline, and a good work ethic, as well.

3. Perhaps your teen wants to become a veterinarian.  Working at a veterinary clinic can be an immeasurable source of knowledge.  Any practical experience they gain can only serve to increase their proficiency in this area.

4. Is your teen interested in becoming a computer programmer?  If so, your child can intern at IBM, or other top-notch companies, wherein, he or she will learn all of the latest computer technology, as well as the ins and outs of software applications.

5. Does your teen want to become a writer?  If he or she is majoring in journalism, any local or national newspaper would be happy to take him, or in as an intern for the summer.  Here, your teen can learn all about writing, publishing, editing, and news coverage.  This would be a wonderful experience to help catapult your teen into a successful career in journalism.

You may have read about the teen, who had an idea about selling beanie babies on eBay.  He is a millionaire today!  The possibilities for your teen are endless.  Having a summer job not only teaches about the specificity of the position at hand, but what companies expect; what jobs are more competitive than others; learning to work with others; developing a good, strong work ethic; taking criticism; and applying what was learned to their college and life experience.

Fourth of July Party Ideas for Kids

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Fourth of July Party Ideas for Kids
Children all over the United States look forward getting out of school and spending the summer having fun.  One activity many children look forward to is the Fourth of July and the fireworks that light up the sky.  However, younger children may not be able to stay awake until the fireworks begin.  These Fourth of July party ideas for kids may help them enjoy the day even if they do fall asleep prior to the evening’s light show.

A Fourth of July party can be so much fun, especially for little ones.  But how do you prepare a party that children, as well as adults, will enjoy?  Start early making plans and ask for your child’s input.  You may be surprised to find that they have some great ideas for decorations, games, and food.

Let your child help make decorations for the party.  Table toppers with a red, white, and blue glittered chenille stems, foil streamers, and balloons will be festive.  Paint a small coffee can and fill it with sand to help the decorations stand.  You may even want to place some sparklers in the can for later in the evening.

Plan a parade around your neighborhood or wherever you’re hosting your party.  Let the children bring their bikes, wagons, tricycles, or scooters and decorate them with patriotic themes.  Not only will the children have fun showing off their rides, they’ll also be showing off their artistic ability.  Consider having a prize for each age group.

Don’t forget the food!  Barbecue is the normal fare for the Fourth of July.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, and homemade ice cream are always a hit.  Have a watermelon, pie, or hot dog eating contest that everyone can join in.

What activities can children enjoy that only require adult supervision?  Perhaps you can allow the children to make decorated t-shirts with fabric paint.  See who can blow the biggest bubbles, have a water balloon war, and play patriotic music.

If the children in your life are water babies, consider having a pool party.  Be sure to have a small wading pool so even the youngest children can have fun in the water.  To keep children safe while in the pools, assign or hire someone to watch the children.  Use sunscreen to keep them from becoming sunburned.

Finish off your party by allowing the children to stay up late so they can enjoy the fireworks show.  Pack a light jacket just in case the night is cool, and arrive early to find the best seats.  Don’t forget to bring your own chairs, a blanket to sit on, and maybe even a snack.  Be prepared, however, for the children to nod off very quickly after the show is over.

Fourth of July party ideas for children don’t really need to be elaborate for them to be fun.  Decorations, party games, and food are always a safe bet to get children into the party mood.  Top the evening off with a night of fireworks, and the children will say your party was the best ever.

Kids & Chores! Do You Delegate?

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Delegating household chores between all the occupants of the house seems only fair. There are jobs around the house even the smallest child can do.

Stop by to learn more