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Monday Motivation

March 31, 2008 By: RealLifeSolutions Category: Freebies, Goals, Organization, Working From Home 3 Comments →

Monday MotivationWhile doing my daily “blog hopping” a few weeks ago I stopped past Casual Keystrokes since that is usually on my daily stop.  Well She has a cool Monday Motivation post up there that I just had to jump in on weekly.

My children return back to school today after a nice long Spring Break. I am dealing with some importantant changes that will have to take place regarding my youngest son Isaac (8) and his school sitution. You can read more about it in my post ‘Back To The Real World‘    

The 1st step I take in organizing my week is to carve  some time out to get cozy with my BlackBerry and reveiw my entire week to be sure that nothing will slip throught the cracks.   I add things, move things around and at times, I will just pass them off to another person and delete them :)

On my list of things to accomplish this week are:

  1. Today – Connect with my VA and be sure to get onto her Calendar for the list of projects that I have for her for April
  2. Contact a few like minded sites about my great Parenting My Teen Advertising special (25% off)
  3. Tuesday – Co-Host the Awesome Moms Morning Show
  4. Secure a guest for next Mondays Podcast (or perhaps think of a great ‘Coffee with Aurelia’ Topic and do the show solo.
  5. Check out a school in the neighborhood and apply for registration there.
  6. Work to find an Affiliate Manager/VA to help me start a contest for my awesome affiliates at <– This has been hard!

It looks like a lot but the way I have it spread out in my Blackberry, it is actually doable and if you notice I will get help from a few VA’s.

So, what about you. What is your focus on this week?  Let me know how you normally plan out your list of things to do.

Judi at the awesome posted  her Monday Motivation. Be sure to stop by and see whats going on over there too :)

Back to the Real World

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Spring break officially ends tomorrow and the kids will back at school.  Most mothers jump for joy when vacations end but not me… I always want to extend them.

Perhaps it is because I am a part time WAHM and I work during the school hours then pick up the kids from school and then assist with homework, rip and run to after-school activities and then on top of that work from home in the late afternoons and evenings.  I loved the 6 full weekdays of no homework, pick ups/drop offs, no rigidly scheduled homework time before activities and then a mad dash for the bed because we have to get up at the crack of dawn and do it all over again.

Isreal, my 11th grader is fine. She is in the *ZONE* As we call it and is on the fast track to college.  But Isaac on the other hand is another story.  Part of me really wants to home-school my youngest son Isaac.  He is in the 3rd grade and it my experience with his public school sucks hasn’t been a picnic.  On top of the daily 1-1.5hrs of homework for this 8yo each evening, can you believe that during his Spring break, he had a Spring Break Homework BINDER.  Yes, you read that, binder.  It consisted of 137 pagesof work (front and pack).  Oh don’t worry, the teacher neatly hole punched each page and carefully placed them into a nice pretty blue binder with Tabs for the days of the week that the pages were to be done on.  I guess the beautiful presentation was supposed to stifle our SHOCK that the poor child would be traumatized for a darn week.  Uhhh I thought spring break meant BREAK?!

My husband and I are pulling him out of his current school after this year and we are currently on a MISSION to find another school for him.  I approached him (my husband) with the idea of me homeschooling Isaac next year and hubby wasn’t fond of the idea at all. I think part of it was/is because homeschooling is just foreign to him and the other part is, well quite frankly, he will loose his Office manager at his Pest Control Company (where I currently work from 9-3).

I guess I am just unloading here – getting thoughts out of my head and onto paper the computer.  I guess the good thing is that as hard as the school pushes him, I make sure to turn the pressure off.  Of course Isaac didn’t finish each and every one of those 137 pages. If you do the math that works out to be about 18 pages of work a DAY. I doubt the teacher did 18 pages of work a day over HER break, so why should we Isaac.

Summer Camps

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The school year is coming to an end and many parents are struggling with what to do with their child(ren) for the summer months. Choosing a summer camp program for your child involves some important research. Since the summer camp experience will have significant impact on your child’s life, it’s important for parents to learn to choose a summer camp wisely. Many parents can benefit from guidance in this area.

Here is a great resource to help you choose a good summer camp for your child:


Work at Home Mom Stress

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The trend of moms working from home to be near their children has grown in the last couple of years. Now that they have found jobs or businesses to run, they’re starting to realize that working from home is not as easy as they thought it would be. The work they do is hard to separate form their personal lives, which makes it hard to schedule time for work responsibilities and home duties.

The workspace these moms use to do their jobs at ends up being a part of their household, so that makes dividing work and home life even more difficult to do. Imagine that your office is a part of the dining room, which also happens to be the room where you eat your meals as a family. How easy is it going to be for you to leave your work life to be with your family when the office is 5 feet away from the dinner table?

The realities of dividing work and personal life can get smudged for work at home moms. When that happens, one’s stress level is sure to rise, which could jeopardize one’s sanity. To prevent your sanity from leaving, you should find ways to ensure that separation takes place between your job/business and your family life.

Assess the current situation. Try to find an area, within your home, to have your office so that it won’t interfere with your family life. The home office needs a room with a door where you can be apart from the rest of the house. A den or a garage can be converted into office space that is exclusive to your business. Some people have resorted to placing their office in the laundry room, just because it has a door! When that is not an option, set up shop in your bedroom to keep it away from the family areas.

Organization is the next step. A messy desk can be a huge distraction when trying to work. Everything needs to have its place. If you worked in an office, your boss would not stand for a messy work space. There’s no difference when you’re office is at home and not at the worksite.

Use inexpensive organizing items, such as baskets with separate compartments to help organize the odds and ends on your desk. You can keep rubber stamps, letters, invoices, pens, pencils, and the like in here. Organization makes finding things much easier, which results in a more relaxed work day.

Keep your business phone separate from the family phone line. When using the same line, you run the risk of your children answering business calls or picking up the phone during a conference call. This causes your professionalism to fly right out the window and takes your customers or employers along with it.

The same goes for the computer. It’s best to keep your business computer separate from what the other family members use, but budgets don’t always allow for this. In that case, make sure that the business/job files and documents can’t be easily accessed by anyone but you. This will help prevent some of the stress that could be brought on by family members stumbling on a client’s important document and accidentally deleting them.

Be sure to use calendars or planners as they are very helpful when trying to keep track of business appointments or deadlines and family appointments. This will lessen the stress of setting up family appointments when you’ve forgotten about business deadlines you have.

Consider hiring a sitter on days you have a lot of work to do. Being a work at home mom gives you the benefit of controlling your own schedule. Having a sitter keeps the kids away from your office and gives you quiet time to focus on your work and gives your kids a chance to have fun without you feeling too guilty.

Mixing business with family in the home setting can be a major source of stress. Keeping the business side of your life organized and separate is crucial to success in keeping your stress levels down and your sanity intact.

Be sure to visit Real Life Guidance to Balancing Work And Family for an Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Balancing Your Work And Family Time.

Kids and Chores…

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My friend Carrie Lauth over at just posted a wonderful blog post about Kids and chores.  She add a lot of humor and some great information and as always – I walk away from her blog smiling and learning.

 Take a look at her Chores & Your Kids entry.

Getting Your Kids Involved in Outdoor Chores

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With spring here, you will be planning to tackle a number of chores in the backyard.  Perhaps you are even thinking of cleaning out the garage.  If so; here are some tips for getting your kids involved in outdoor chores.

With the very harsh weather our country has been experiencing, you may want to begin to clear out your flower beds; prepare a compost pile; and generally prepare your backyard for additional planting such as an herb garden. As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, there are plenty of chores your entire family can participate in.  Make a list of all of the tasks you have to accomplish, and make a list assigning each member of your family to handle one chore.

* Assign an older child to rake the leaves; and younger children to put them into a bag.  Of course, they will want to stomp on the leaves before they put them in the bag.
* Have another child help you clear out the flower beds, or help you pull out weeds.
* Have each member of your family help you spread the mulch.
* Have the kids start a compost pile.
* Maybe dad and son may want to build a new birdhouse.
* You may decide to put a rock border around your flower bed.
* One of the children can accompany dad to buy fertilizer.

There are probably more chores you can think of to assign to each family member. Depending upon the weather, of course, working in the backyard or garden allows your kids to not only have fun, but become involved in every aspect of planting. Perhaps your daughter would like to plant some special flowers.

The more you involve your kids, the easier it will be getting your kids involved in outdoor chores. They will not only have the opportunity to see the backyard come to life, but will begin to appreciate nature as well.

How To Think Positive

March 26, 2008 By: RealLifeSolutions Category: About the Family, Children, Healthy Living, Self Esteem No Comments →

Marie Ynami asked me to join her for a Seminar at her yearly “Celebrating Woman’s Day” Event.  I quickly jumped at the opportunity.  She asked me to speak about How to Think Positive.  We had a great talk  You can tune in here

Spring Allergies And Kids

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I don’t know about you, but one of the only things I don’t like about spring is the blooming of the allergy season.  My 8yo suffers from year round allergies but it is worse come spring time.

If your child suffers with allergies you may want to take a look at this informative article.

Tips For Organizing Your Kids’ Rooms

March 25, 2008 By: RealLifeSolutions Category: About the Family, Children, Just for Fun, Organization, Parenting, Uncategorized 1 Comment →

One of the biggest battles in any home is getting the kids to clean their rooms.  If you build in success, by providing them the tools, it’ll make it easier on everyone. 

When selecting the storage for your child’s room, be sure that it’s something that the child can use.  There are tons of options, from plastic storage bins, the fold up cardboard under-bed boxes and drawers and build-it-yourself furniture, and don’t forget garage sales.  Take your child with you when getting new storage, to make sure it will be user friendly.

Younger children have trouble opening heavy dresser drawers, so consider using cardboard box storage, or open stacking baskets.   Use the dressers for out of season clothes until they are older.  Put stickers on the drawers to show what goes in each one, so they can start learning to put away their own clothes. You can find a wide variety of stickers in scrap booking supplies.

Clear plastic bins are great for toys.  The lids are usually easy to work and the children can see what’s in the box.  It’s also fun to label the storage with bright pictures of what goes in each box.  Stuffed animals can multiply like rabbits, but storing them on a Velcro covered pole is fun and helps decorate the room.  A large decorative laundry basket can make good storage for the stuffed animals as well.

By sorting the toys into groups, and storing some in either the basement or garage, you can limit the amount of toys in their rooms at one time.  Rotate which toys they have once a month or so, helping limit boredom with the toys.  This is also a good time to sort out the things the kids no longer play with or have gotten too old for, and either pass things on or have a garage sale.

Grab more organizing tips here:

A Funny For Today

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This is how to impress new clients and old clients alike, by having professional sounding receptionists.

Gyn-Psy. Office