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Free Work At Home Ideas for Moms

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If you are finding yourself in a pinch each month, you may want to have a work from home extra income coming into the household. Alice Seba, an Internet Marketing Expert, tells you how you can accomplish this in the following Article.

Also visit our ‘Work at Home Ideas’. This is your resource for articles and information on work at home ideas, direct selling opportunities and earning a living at home.

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Tax Free Back To School Shopping

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I went searching online for some Tax Free Back to School and Tax Free Holiday Shopping sites and I found a slew of them at

Click the name of your state to find out when the tax-free shopping days are scheduled, and which items will qualify for the savings.

New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
Washington D.C.

Happy Shopping

School Bells Will Soon Be Ringing…Will You Be Ready?

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Whether your child will be starting PreK or heading back to High School, preparing for the Back To School rush can be stressful but I am here to help take that stress away.

Visit our ‘Back To School Shopping‘ page and get a jump start on the crowds.

Also I have a free report to give away!! It is called Back To School Basics and it outlines simple ways to make this the best school year ever!

Discover Hot To Teach Your Kids How To Handle Money

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Teaching Your Kids How To Handle Money

It is up to us as parents to provide financial prowess in teaching kids how to handle money. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this difficult process.

Kids learn by example.  If you are in debt, odds are they will be too.  You need to teach fiscal responsibility at an early stage.  The earlier you discuss money with your kids, the better prepared they will become.  Open up a savings account with your kids; allow them to deposit and make withdrawals. Give them the option to use the account in whichever way they decide. By allowing them this freedom to choose, you are also giving them the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.  Always be there in case they need your advice in this regard.

Give them an allowance. If they run out of money before the following week; do not replenish it.  This will teach them about choices; the good and the bad.  This is especially true if they are saving to buy something special. If they use their money unwisely, and cannot buy that which they were saving for, a valuable lesson will be learned.

Do not spoil your kids by giving them everything they want.  Give them just enough money via a weekly allowance and no more.  If they choose to buy something you think is not appropriate, discuss it with them.  Teach them about the importance of saving money and what they can look forward to as they get older.  Give them examples of your own experience as a child, particularly if you had a problem handling money.

Finally, teach them the pitfalls of borrowing. If they ask for money to buy a certain item; inform them they will have to pay it back with interest.  Tell them exactly how much they will have to pay back and figure out together how long it would take.  Undoubtedly, they may change their mind; but if not, stick to the terms you set.  Teaching your kids how to handle money begins with you. Whether you were a saver or a spender, it is incumbent upon you to pass on to your child all the tools he or she needs to make worthwhile decisions; now and in the future. 

Signs that your child may have asthma

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Isaac (my 7yo) was diagnosed with asthma as the early age of 2 and since then has been taking medications to keep his asthma under control. Luckily the meds are working well and he is one of the most active little boys I know.  I wanted to share this important information with you.

Signs Your Child May Have Asthma

If you notice signs your child may have asthma, here are tips on what to do if you suspect they do. Once you notice the signs, take your child to a physician.  There, tests will be conducted to determine the symptoms and possible cause and a treatment will be prescribed.  You may wish to note that most children develop symptoms within the first two years of life, therefore it is important to note any of the symptoms heretofore mentioned so you can give a clear history to your child’s physician.

Asthma is caused an inflammatory condition of the airways caused by allergens, irritants and respiratory infections. It can also be triggered by many different stimuli, however, not that is reversible and controllable. The signs of asthma include frequent coughing or respiratory infections.  If your child coughs after running or crying, this may be a sign of asthma.  These symptoms usually recur over several months or years, therefore, it is important to keep track of the patterns.

The most common symptom in asthma is wheezing. Although there have been cases in which a child had asthma unaccompanied by this particular symptom. If your child has frequent symptoms of a cold, this could also be a symptom of an asthma condition.

Once it has been determine your child has this condition, there are certain steps you can take to alleviate the episodes.  Keep your child’s room free from as much dust as possible. If your child is allergic to pollen, keep the windows and doors closed during the pollen season.  Keep physical exercise down to a minimum, depending upon the asthma’s trigger mechanism when engaged in sports. 

Other irritants which may contribute to asthma are: cigarette smoke; tiny insects called dust mites; animal dander, especially from cats; plant pollen; air pollution, and deodorants or perfume. Other asthma triggers that can bring on an immediate asthma attack include, exercise, cold air, and in older children – emotional stress. Once the cause is determined, you can effect solutions by staying aware and keeping your child away from the trigger points.


 Does your child have asthma?  How is it being controlled?

Ready to Use Self-Esteem Activities for Young Children

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When I 1st ran across this product I was blown away and I just wanted to share it will all of you who may have young children. ALL children can benefit from having a stong sense of self.

 Ready-to-Use Self Esteem Activities for Young Children - is  remarkable resource that provides over 220 illustrated activities to help young children feel good about themselves … develop friendships … celebrate diversity … and accept changes!

All of the activities in this book include a specific purpose, materials and step-by-step directions and are organized into easy six sections.

This resource can be life changing for your little one :)

Cheap Summer Fun For Kids

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Entertaining your children when school is out for the summer can become quite expensive, especially if you enroll them in pricey summer camps for a large portion of the time. However, many parents feel that the alternative is to have their children sulking on the couch while moaning about how bored they are, especially if friends are all attending camps. Actually, there are plenty of ways to have cheap summer fun with your kids. Why not try a few of these budget friendly ideas? Your local YMCA is a family oriented place with plenty of great activities. Your children can go swimming, take a variety of classes and even attend day camps for a very reasonable price. Most YMCA’s have family memberships, which makes the classes more affordable for families with several children. If you don’t have a YMCA close by, check with your local parks and recreation department to see if they are offering events for children and families during the summer months. Many times, they offer low cost art, sports and even cooking classes for kids.

Another great way for your kids to have fun this summer is to set up events in your own backyard. Have them put together a circus. After they’ve practiced the event and have the ring set up, friends and family can make up an audience to view the final result. Don’t forget to add some games and serve some refreshments that match the theme, such as popcorn and corndogs. If your children don’t like the circus, suggest that they put on a play, hold a pet show or set up a fair.

If your children like collecting things, they can make a natural history museum in a spare corner of the house. Then, you can take field trips to local places so that they can create their museum exhibits. Take them on nature hikes so that they can make rubbings of tree bark and leaves. Let them take photos of local wildlife and flowers, but be sure that you don‘t actually take home any wildflowers, since these plants may be endangered. Go to the beach and collect interesting shells and bits of sea glass or visit the areas where your local rock hounds hang out. If you have prolific gardens or you can get permission for them to pick some flowers in someone else’s garden, your children can also press flowers and mount them as part of the display.

If your children are budding entrepreneurs, they may have more fun making money. Why not try a good old-fashioned lemonade stand? Just be sure your town or city doesn’t have any ordinances that would prohibit it before the kids set up. If they need to clean out their closets and toy chests, suggest that they combine the lemonade stand with a yard sale.

Finally, don’t forget about gardening. Growing their own produce can be fun for kids, especially when they discover a two foot long zucchini hiding in the garden bed.

Some Creative Ways To Reduce Stress

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You may already know about popular stress management techniques. But did you know that there are some unconventional, productive and creative stress relievers you can work into your day?

You may not think of them formally as stress management techniques, but the following stress relievers can help you feel more relaxed and enjoy life more, and get other things done, all at the same time:

Cleaning – Throw on some music and tackle the clutter in a drawer, a room, or your whole house. Repetitive movement of dusting can loll you into a near-meditative state, the vigorous physical activity of washing vacuuming your carpets can release stress from your body, and you’ll be rewarded with a cleaner space and more soothing surroundings when you’re done!

Gardening – The physical activity of digging, pulling and planting can be a great stress release. Gardening can be a wonderfully relaxing pastime, with the reward of delicious organic food, beautiful flowers or a gorgeous yard.

Playing With Your Kids – Playful interaction with kids can change your state of mind. Rolling on the ground with them, kneading play dough, or finger painting a masterpiece can be a great diversion from your stress.

Sex – You probably already know that sex is a great tension reliever, but have you officially thought of it as a stress-relieving practice? Perhaps you should. The physical benefits of sex are numerous, and most of them work very well toward relieving stress. Sadly, many people have less sex when their stress levels are high. Learn how not to fall into this trap!

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Tips to cut your monthly bills in half!

July 24, 2007 By: RealLifeSolutions Category: Children, Freebies, Goals, Healthy Living, Organization, Pamper Yourself, Parenting, Self Esteem, Stress Management, Teenagers, Uncategorized, Working From Home No Comments →

Who wouldnt want to learn some tips to use that would decrease their monthly bills. Have you seen the cost of gas lately.

Well here are just a few tips you can use to cut down your monthly bills:

Save on your monthly heating bill.  Did you know that just by setting your thermostat a couple of degrees lower in the winter can save you money?  Households that lower their thermostats by 1 degree Fahrenheit (1° F) during the winter season may see an average savings of $15 – $40 or more each month.

Save on your monthly water bill.  By making just a few changes in your daily habits, you can save on your monthly water bill.  By turning  off the water while you’re brushing your teeth you will save gallons of water per week, thus lowering your bill.  Also, when you are doing laundry, be sure wash full loads whenever possible or simply adjust your water level to accommodatethe size of your load.

By following either of these tips, you can make a significant dent on your monthly bills.

P.S. Grab more tips on how to save money here

Fun, easy & educational crafts for kids

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Keeping activities going at all times is what kids love to do. Try one of these 10 fun and easy crafts for kid in your house today.

Crafting with young children really isn’t about creating something in particular. Most young children don’t have the foresight to see what a project is going to be.

For young children it’s more important that they have the opportunity to play and experiment with art. Kids need to use as many of their senses as possible to get the most out of crafting. This allow them to try new sensory experiences, as well as learn causal relationships.

Hands On Crafts For Kids:  20-Minute Crafts is a great book filled with interesting animal and nature-themed projects as well as several items to make for the Holidays. 

Happy Crafting!