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      Creating A Great Family 4th Of July Celebration

      Creating a great 4th of July Celebration is fun and really easy to do. Here are some tips for you to use.

        July 4th is a day to celebrate independence and have a great family get-together. Enlist the aid of the entire family to make the celebration the best so far. Below are some tips for decorating and food that will help you to fashion your own gathering.

      We already know the colors for the event—red, white, and blue. Trying to use them in new ways will get a few “oohs” and “aahs” from the guests.  A basic white tablecloth on the picnic or patio table allows you to add more red and blue in the items on the table without making it look too busy. Separating paper plates in a dish rack on the party table will keep them on the table and ensure that everyone gets a single plate.
      Give each guest a personalized drink cup. Red, white, and blue ribbon can be taped around each cup. Let the kids write the name of each guest on a ribbon with a fine-tip marker. Filling each cup with a napkin, a straw, and utensils will eliminate the need to set these items out on the table in other places.

      Children can help decorate the outside of the house or the front porch to welcome guests to your home. Fashion a starred wreath for the front door of the house. Use a basic wreath form that can be found at any craft store. Have the children cut out large and small stars to cover the wreath. In the center of the wreath put a banner that reads, “Happy 4th of July!”

      Small flags can also be used to decorate the tables in the back yard. Stick them in glass bowls that have been filled with red, white, and blue balls. After the meal, the kids can each get a couple of the small rubber balls and play.

      Food for the celebration should be light and full of flavor. It wouldn’t be a party without hamburgers. If you have vegetarians at the party, offer them veggie burgers as an alternative to the traditional beef. For less fat, use the leanest hamburger you can find. Add diced onions and green peppers to the burger mix.

      Serve a host of delicious vegetables on the side. For kids who love finger food, have a raw vegetable tray and dips available. Make your own potato wedges using russets and sweet potatoes. Grilled corn on the cob is juicy and tender. The corn grills right in its own husk.

      Whatever you decide to serve, make the most of the occasion with family and friends. Create fond memories that will be talked about until next year’s celebration.

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